Saturday, August 28, 2010

Show and Tell: A dead line helps

I came to the concept of a Show and Tell day because The Girl was talking excitedly about what she would do for Show and Tell when school started but as we are homeschooling there really wasn't anyone to show or tell too. Then I remembered her blog and so you will be seeing some updates from there about the things she wants to show and tell. In the meantime here are some thing I want to show and tell.

The sewing machine I have been borrowing needs to go back (at least temporarily) to its owners.

With that in mind I actually set out to accomplish the sewing tasks that have been piling up, or at least the more urgent ones.

I bought the material for this dress in June, and the ribbon in April. It really was a super easy sewing project. They all were super easy. But didn't really do anything about it.

So here it is now in its completeness.

The other thing I did was to make a tooth pillow. It was a little pillow I got in a box of hand me down toys and baby clothes. I made a pillow case for it with a pocket out of scraps. When a tooth is lost it goes in the picket and not under a pillow. Just makes it so much easier for the tooth fairy.

And finally I hemmed some curtains. Really exciting I know. But it was something I kept saying I would do for the better part of two years now.

Do you have anything to Show and Tell?