Friday, September 24, 2010

Miami: Day three

Wedding Day!

We got up early, had breakfast with my Dad and brothers and sister and then headed out to the beach for a few hours early in the day. It was a beach that we went to as kids and it was a lot of fun to see it again. The beach, which is in a park called Matheson Hammock, is basically a natural lagoon that they fully blocked off to create a swimming area. It does cycle the water through drains but it is surrounded by a wall made from limestone.

After lunch it was wedding time! I have a TON of pictures from this so I will do my best to pick the best one to give a feel for the event. My father and now step mother had there children as their attendants. Which just happened to put four on each side.

It was a fun wedding. It was also a serious and a lovely one but I realized most of my pictures from the event itself look like these..... so I went to facebook and got pictures other people took of it to share...

  The reception was lovely. It was out doors near a pond with koi and a waterfall.
 And on bonus picture of The Husband because I wanted to. <3

 That evening we went out with a friend of ours who we have known for years but not seen in person ever. I was a really weird and totally normal evening, sitting and talking around a table was really no different than sitting and talking though the internet but it was still a little odd to not have the conversion require a headset.

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Happy said...

I love the picture of your dad and new step-mom...what a lovely couple!

And the beach, oh the beach...why have I not been to a beach in such a terrible long time?

Everytime I read a post with your Miami title I think of that Will Smith song..."Welcome to Miami..."