Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miami: Days one and two

So we flew in Thursday morning and spent the afternoon generally goofing off, getting settled and replacing a pair of pants that we had wanted to pack for The Husband to wear to my dad's wedding but for some reason they were no longer brown but cherry and mahogany tie dye stripped even though NO other laundry has had a similar problem. Fortunately JCPenny was not only having a huge sale but they had one pair of those pants left in the right size so we were able to fix the last part of that run on sentence. Oh and we got Pollo Tropical for dinner which is a fast food chain and amazing and I missed it a lot. No pictures of the food though I was way to busy eating it for that.
Friday we went cruising in a Jaguar (my dad's car) all the way down to Key Largo (about a 45 min drive) to go to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park I used to go snorkeling off the beach here a lot as a kid. They have some cannons and an anchor from a ship wreck that you can swim around.
 They also have "The Abyss" which is a steep drop off were the now dead reef that built up into the island that is key largo had an edge. Fish love it, I hate it, except that the fish like to swim there and you can see them but the dark depth that seems to go on forever eating all light... I am not a fan of that. We had hoped to make it on one of there glass bottom boat tours so that The Husband could get a peek at a living reef but we just missed the one we were aiming for so that did not happen though we had a good time snorkeling off the beach anyway.

Post that we got to have dinner with the whole family, my brothers and sister having flown in that afternoon. It was a lot of fun having all of us together, even if its a little on the weird side to suddenly go from being the oldest of 4 to the oldest of 8.
Then after dinner we got together with one of my best friends from elementary and middle school and her husband. It was great to see her again and pick up like we had only not seen each other for one year not 12. It was also awesome that her husband works for the same company as The Husband so there was a huge common frame of reference for conversation. We got back to my new aunts house were we were staying a little on the late side and had an early morning the next day but it was totally worth it and so much fun.

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Happy said...

Wow...your family grew quite abundantly! That's awesome!

Sounds like you and The Husband had such a nice time and I'm sure it was well deserved to have a little getaway! To have a reason to celebrate must have been the iccing on the cake!