Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Dragon and A Castle

The Boy's Birthday party had a knights in shining armor theme, we had planed a "training dumbie" pinata, medieval bowling like games, pin the tale on the horse and all sorts of funness, but due to unforeseen circumstances we just ended up moving it to a local park. So we just set up the grills and let the kids play on the play ground and the only thing that remained in theme was the cake.

We had a vanilla castle with cookie walls and marshmallow parapets guarded by a fearsome but kind chocolate dragon.

The castle was a square cake cut in half. One half was cut in half again then placed as towers on the first half. (supported by skewers) and frosted and decorated.

The dragon was two round cakes one cut in half, placed cut side down and then frosted together to make the body. The other cake is cut like this.

I only used the main tail head and one front and one back leg to get it to fit on the tray we were using to move the cake to the park.  You can find the full instructions here.

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Happy said...

Amazing! If it tastes half as good as it looks, you've got a real winner of a birthday cake there!!!

Are you really Cake Boss just parading around as Maggie?