Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretending in Santa

This year The Girl asked if we could please "pretend in Santa" so I said yes. I am still not sure how we are going to work the selfless Saint who gave to those in need in to a already very full schedule and a culture that has turned him into a giant inflatable elven vending machine. I want to do Santa if they do but I do not want to do Santa as the "right jolly old elf" and I do not yet know what that means.

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But one thing we have done is we have gone to have cookies with Santa at a local church. They had crafts, cookies, story time and of course photos with Santa himself. But Santa did not ask them if they were good and what they wanted he asked them to smile for the picture and then gave them a coloring book and stickers about Jesus' birthday.

At story time they read a book about who Nicolas was and why he is called a saint and how he did many good things because he loved Jesus and wanted to help other people.

Maybe the day before Christmas Eve we can work in some of the original elements of Stain Nicolas' story for a better understanding of who he was before Rudolf showed up in that store display and before he dressed in red velvet.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought - since you're going through toys you don't need/use/want anyway, maybe the idea of being selfless like St. Nick and giving them to other children that don't have any by way of donation might be a good way to work it in.