Saturday, January 29, 2011

All you need

Sometimes all something needs to make it new and useful is a little love and creativity. That was the case for a door hanger that came with the house.
 It was not really my style so it came down when we moved in. It then moved from place to place in the house and I almost threw it away a few times. Finally the little roof parts that made the main heart look like a house came unglued and that was that. There was really no point in letting it live here anymore as not only did I not like it but it was now broken. So humming to myself while cleaning to took it to the trash can and as I went to get rid of it I had a bit of insparation.
So a few coats of paint later I know have something I like and wanted but would not buy because spending money on Valentines day decorations always seemed silly to me even if I really wanted them.

I have recently taken two particular ideas to heart. (if you will pardon the pun)

1) I do not need more space, I need less stuff.

2) If something is not useful or beautiful I do not need it around.

So with these things in mind I have been cleaning and sorting. Working on ways to better store the things we do need and want to keep to make more space and less clutter and thinking really hard about what we are keeping and donating or throwing away what does not fit either catigory.

If I am lucky by the end of it. This little house will feel better, be easier to keep clean and will be full of things that are both beautiful and useful.

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Happy said...

I LOVE it! So pretty as is the door it hangs from! Good luck with the streamlining...that seems to be a continual process here!