Sunday, March 13, 2011

It leaks no more!

My bathtub was leaking about three pitchers full of hot water a day.

The short term solution was to just turn off the hot water. But this made everything harder to clean and meant having to turn it on for dishes, baths, showers, and then turn it off again.

This weekend The Husband fixed it!

Its so good to be back to normal again.

Those patches are the next project, we need to replace the tile.

P.S. does anyone know how to re enamel a tub to um not blue?


Jen Anderson said...

Refinishing a tub is a great way to extend its life but it is NOT a do-it-yourself project (because it's nearly impossible for a non-pro to get a smooth, even finish).

Try Tub Coaters of Baltimore...

Happy said...

We had the same problem with our tub recently leaking hot water, only we weren't smart enough to turn off the hot water! I didn't think of it, I put a bucket under the faucet so at least I could use a bucket or two for bath water. It's fixed now, though.

How come the stuffed zucchini recipe won't come up for me when I click on it in my reader? Where did you buy your zucs at? Aldi's didn't have any today and I fear they will be pricey and teeny tiny at the grocery store since they aren't really "in season." But that recipe pic looks so good~!