Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Perigee Moon

Not the best photos of the Perigee moon of this past march 19th but they are my photos. And there is a bit of a story, though not a super interesting one, that goes with them.

I really wanted to be able to try to get photos of the moon even though I am only working with a little point and shoot. So after dinner, after the pirate birthday party we loaded to very tired children up into the car, and went for a drive.

We stopped and got some coffee and we drove and talked and the kids fell asleep. We went to the mall near us as it was the best place we could think of to get a good open parking lot space without a lot of tall buildings in the way.

I took like 100 photos only a handful of which were even remotely decent and we went home. The long way. and it was delightful to be spontaneous, and to have quiet conversations, and to look at the moon.

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