Monday, July 11, 2011

The Forth of July: Parade, Pizza and Pool Party!

 I love small town parades. They are not as flashy or as wowing as the big ones but I really love how special it is. Like when you used to pretend to have one when you were little and marched around the yard or house feeling important, only its a real parade with people watching.
 People like us!  Let me start by saying we live in an area with a LOT of miliatry and government personnel. One of the big ones being the Navy.

 You see that Plane its a Blue Angel, A Blue Angel with military personnel singing patriotic songs, a giant eagle and and 6 foot tall fireworks. On one float. Oh I forgot to mention Thomas Jefferson? Or some other founding father I am not sure how specific they were being.

 Of course he wasn't the only Historical figure to grace our parade. We had an appearance from none other than General Douglas Macarthur. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this guy at this angle you really can't see his pipe. We had other officers in attendance as well.

 Do you see that adorable little classic mini cooper? And do you see the ever so very very slight incline in the road? They had to get people on the side of the road to help push the car up it.... And Speaking of classic cars... There were plenty being shown off.
   Though I think this might have been my favorite float from the whole thing. I mean really you can dress up people like whatever you want or drive around your car that is worth more and takes more care and up keep than your boat (which I assume you probably also own) But you can't beat a live band.

 Post parade we went to a popular pizza place for some lunch. Hawaiian pizza and a pitcher of Pepsi all around except for me of course I had a gluten free salad. (Oh how I missed pizza! but that is another story)
 Like many family restaurants the kids menus had coloring pages and games, I was pleased with how neatly The Girl was coloring, filling in the space and staying carefully in the lines.
 Other adorable things about lunch The Boy did this with is crayon completely unprompted or aided.
and The Girl learned to hold a liquid in her straw using suction. The Husband was doing it and she watched and then started playing with it until she figured it out.
 After pizza it was time for a pool party! Which was a blast. We brought floaties to the party but The Kids wanted to wear these. They are called puddle jumpers and I may need to buy some considering how much more confident these made them in the water.

 See? This is them in the water without me or The Husband there to hang on to!
 This Silver float was well loved too. I think The Boy spent most of this time at the party in one. Shortly after he discovered the squirt guns it became a pirate vessel.
Much fun was had that day! How was your Forth?

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