Thursday, November 3, 2011


Continuing the idea planing for Wish day which is coming up in Friday 11/11/11 I am putting together a list of Random Acts of Kindness around the theme of donations. Once again if you have any ideas to add to the list please leave them in the comments.

(photo credit Lisa Romerein)

1) Donate unneeded clothes and house hold items to a charity
2) Give gently used or new toys to a mother and child homeless shelter
3) Drop off canned goods and pet food at a local food bank
4) Collect old towel and blankets and give them to a pet shelter
5) Get warm sweaters, thermal sock and coats and donate them to a homeless shelter
6) Give money to help in disaster relief
7) Pick a group who fund raises at Christmas and give them an early donation
8) Support a missionary.
9) Give gently used or new children's books to a private school or library
10) Make packs of coloring books and crayons and give them to a children's hospital
11) Ask a local church about any family they know of who might have a need and help to meet it.

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