Monday, November 7, 2011

Ebenezer Day and the memory jar

Today my family and I are celebrating our third Ebenezer day, it is a day we picked to set aside and remember and honor God for all the blessings he has lavished upon us. This year we will be adding to this tradition. One we are having the same meal that we did on our first Ebenezer night, when we signed for our house. Pizza.

the Second, we start a memory jar. Tonight  as a family we wrote down a list of some of the things this past year that have happened that we are really grateful for and we will put that list into a jar. Then as the year goes on and we make memories and have new wonderful things happen we can add those to our jar. So that next Ebenezer day we can open that jar and read those memories and blessings and make a new list of things we are particularly grateful for, for next year's jar.

 Because we tend to forget. This is why the first Ebenezer was set up (1 Samuel 7:12) as a memory marker.

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