Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Organized: Kitchen {A Menu Box}

The Weather and our health are not at there best today so I opted for a quick and simple project which I wanted to share with you all.

Take out menus.

They have taken over different parts of my kitchen through out my life, the front of the refrigerator, the top of the refrigerator, the junk drawer next to the refrigerator, the counter next to the phone, and most recently the Side of the refrigerator.
 So when I was about to dump a now empty cerial box in the recycling I had an sudden idea that would fix this.

  • Cerial box
  • Scissors
  • Things to decorate it with (paint, scrap book paper, glue, stickers whatever)
  • Strong magnets
  • A mess of menus

Step one: Draw cutting lines so you get good straight lines. You want the back higher than the front by a couple inches.  

Step two: Cut the box. I found that for this, the best thing was to cut the corners down to the lines that gave me more room to move to cut off the sections that were not needed.

Step three: Decorate
 I used art from a Trader Joe's bag, because it was cute and they asked me to recycle it so....

 Step four: Apply your magnets. the ones I had are those really cute ones that look like push pins, so I cut two holes in that top of the back and stuck the top through. If you have flat ones, (like from a magnetic list pad or something you can just glue them one the back.)

 Step five: Marvel at your new *Free* stylish solution to the menu mess.
I might make one for all those printed recipes currently covering the from of my fridge.

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