Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent day 1: Decorations

Our first Advent activity this year was to decorate for Christmas. We still need to finish getting all the boxes and thing put away but here is what we did. I will start with the exterior since that is what you see when you come to the house. 

We actually put up out door lights this year.
Which was a lot of fun and I am enjoying.  The Kids and I made some wreaths which I said before I am not sure how I feel about them.
But I think they go well with the lights and in the sun they sparkle like ice so they are staying for this year at least. In doors the kitchen got its usual seasonal make over with towels and an appropriate cookie jar.

I decided to try something a little over the top, over top the jar, mostly because I could we had the pieces to make it happen that I had bought three years ago with another idea in mind that just did not really work out. So this year we really decked out our dining room chandelier.

I took a wreath and using plastic coated twist ties wired it to the bottom of the chandelier and then using some garland I wrapped the upper part. It might be a bit much I am not sure but I love it because it adds a clear "Christmas" feel without add extra clutter or things to the rest of the house.
Speaking of tying things to light fixtures, I could not find a decent priced, decent looking mistletoe. I was either given something that looks a lot like holly (because it was) or they wanted $12 + for it so I took some holly we had already and let The Girl paint all the berries white. A far cry from looking like the real thing, but free.
 One in the kitchen and one over the door.
We put up two wreaths in doors as well one over the fire place and one on the mirror opposite the door way.
 Our little five year robot got one too.
 We hung the stockings on the bookshelf from these super cute stocking hangers that I grabbed in a post Christmas sale last year, which I like so much better than a command hook on the wall.
As for our tree...

 I am a little disappointed none of these pictures shows just how awesome it looks with the Narnia treatment, I will try to get some better ones in day light.

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