Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Day 11: Peppermint bark

We found George Bailey on a Christmas Train.

make animation

He told us to make peppermint bark. So we did. We made it in these super cute silicon molds that I got in the dollar section of Target last year post Christmas. a Few things of note that I would like to point out with our bark.

1 I made it too thick so its rather hard to eat.
2 The two layed chocolates was a fun idea but I don't really know if it added anything to it. maybe a nice dark rather than milk would have the extra umph.
3 We added crumbled up chocolate cookies into the milk chocolate layers on the trees but then needed to go back and add a topping layer to keep it from crumbling out. My sister told me that she used rice crispy cereal that that was a much better idea, plus there is a chocolate version of the cereal if you want chocolate.

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