Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Day 12: Christmas Elf a nieghbor

Today our mouse was hiding in the deli drawer, I suspect he was after some cheese.
His fun activity today was a game of secret santa, or Christmas Elfing. Its a little like the Halloween boo game. You make two bags of Christmas goodies and then leave them secretly for neighbors. With a sign and instructions for the game. You can find some cute printables here.

Its basically a game of pass it on with each person doing it for two neighbors who do not have a "we have been elfed" sign displayed. (you do two in case someone can not participate the game does not stop.) I thought it would be fun to give with out any expectation of reward or thanks and I am sure a lot of people have piles of there own baked goods and candies laying around that you can pack a few of and pass on so it would not really be a burden to anyone.

The kids had a blast "sneaking" around to drop of the gift bags.

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