Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Day 13: Gingerbread Waffles

George Bailey somehow managed to get him self locked into this jar. The Girl's theory is that one of his Christmas Mice friends came to visit and then locked him in because they thought it would be funny for us to find him like that, but he seemed comfortable enough.  Our task today was for a special dinner that used some seasonal flavors.

We made gingerbread waffles and broiled grapefruit.

Waffles recipe 
I altered ours some to make them gluten free and they were super tasty. The Girl said that they looked like snowy windows with the butter spread on them.

Grapefruit recipe 
I have in the last year or so discovered cardamom and have fallen completely in love. A friend of mine who is Swedish was making some cardamom rolls for Christmas last year and shared them because she is a good and wonderful person. More people need to eat these I am totally convinced spontaneous world peace would erupt.  Then in the summer she made me a rice pudding with cardamom because she is a good and wonderful person. And then I tried it in a homemade spiced chai and I am positive that it is the best spice in the whole world at this point, particularly if combined with some cinnamon and a very little black pepper and nutmeg.

All of that to say there are other broiled grapefruit recipes but this one I had to try. It was great only I would use sugar rather than honey next time I want the crust that you get when it brûlées.

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