Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent day 2: Pictures with Santa

We heard about a free pictures with Santa even at a local strip mall, they had "sleigh" rides and face painting, cookies and hot cider. So we went to check it out. the lines to ride in an open carriage (the white ones that you can rent for weddings) were really way to long for the 50 yard trip across the parking lot so we skipped that. But The Kids did get quite a kick out of watching the horse that was pulling it and did not mind missing that ride at all particularly as walking the distance put us past three tables of cookies and hot drinks.

There were carolers and musicians a long the side walks. While there was a bit of a line to get to the actual picture taking part they had piles of wooden and wheeled toys for the children in line to play with and our went from a dinosaur parade to Noah's ark to a set of cars and trucks quite happily.
Since we are "Pretending in Santa" as The Girl likes to call it we have incorporated a few Santa activities to do this year. We wrapped up the evening with doughnuts and a late bed time.

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