Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Day 7: Games and Santa

George Bailey played snow man today, and then he sent us to go see Santa at Bass Pro Shop where they had on display some of the toys they were selling for Christmas. So the Kids got to play with some games and color pictures and take another picture with Santa.
 I think The Boy's favorite part was the train table.
 The Girl colored a picture for Santa because, "I know he is only pretending but he gets asked for so much things I want to give him something." and she loved the lazer shooting arcade which they both did until they got all three targets needed to get a fake tattoo.
Though I was very amused by The Boy's rifle holding technique.
We had a lot of fun for no money other than the gas to get there I would highly recommend it.

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The Binnies said...

What a great suggestion--I knew about the photos with Santa, but not the other parts, which make it much more attractive of an outing to that huge mall. I love the heart your Girl showed for "Santa", and bet you did too.