Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Day 8: Chocolate Moose

Today George Bailey (who I was corrected today and can not just be called George) was reading a book, which we read later in the day and was about the theme for school next week what a coincidence! His "assignment" for us today was to make Chocolate moose cookies! (See they are chocolate cookies? and they are cut out with a moose shaped cookie cutter?)
But the dough did not turn out quite right, it was too soft and sticky to roll out, even after I refrigerated it and added extra flour.

so we made chocolate drop cookies instead.
  half with green sprinkels and half with red.
 They have been called "pretty good."

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The Binnies said...

If you think outside the box, the drop version could be moose cookies too... ; ) Ok, technically inaccurate, as I bet moose poop looks more like deer poop, but...any shape you make them, they look pretty delicious!