Monday, December 12, 2011

Homeschooling Theme: Gingerbread

Since we are doing holiday baking and I knew that we has a few cookie exchange events coming up and that The Kids would be decorating gingerbread. I did a Gingerbread Man themed Week las week.
We used both the story and the cookies themselves as inspiration.  Here are some ideas if you want to do your own gingerbread man themed lessons:

Reading and Writing:
Read the story of the Gingerbread man

working story sequencing
Write own story with sequencing words. (first, next, then, finally, etc.)
Journal question: what would you have done to catch the gingerbread man?
Writing and illustrate your own version of the story.
Math and Science:
Bake Gingerbread cookies. (great recipe for those with food allergies here)
Graph the decorations: track what colors and types of decorations are used on the cookies and then make a bar graphs to display that data.
What happens if gingerbread men get wet: conduct an experiment to see what happens if the cookies get wet. try drops of water, verse dipping, or full submersion.

Arts and Crafts:
Have children illustrate pages of the story.
Paint or glue decorations gingerbread men (great printable starter shape here)
Make cinnamon dough gingerbread men ornaments: I suggest premaking the men and just letting them decorate them. (recipe here)

Music and Movement:
Gingerbread man song
 Gingerbread "Duck duck goose" all the children lay one the ground like cookies on a pan one walkes aound the group saying
"1 little gingerbread man lying on tray.
1 jumped up and ran away!
Catch me, catch me, if you can.
I run really fast.
I'm the gingerbread man!" 
at the end of the poem they pick someone nearby and they need to catch the "it" person before they get back to there spot on the "tray"

"I'm a little gingerbread man." (to the tune of I'm a little tea pot)
I am a little gingerbread man short and stout. (stand like a gingerbread man with arms out)
here are my gumdrops here is my mouth  (point to tummy and mouth)
when I get a baked up here me shout (Actual shout the next part)
"Run run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man! (run in place as fast as you can)

Gingerbread themed Web resources I used:

Hope you have fun!

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