Saturday, January 28, 2012

Advent Days 19-24

 Because I am so far behind in posting the last few days of advent are getting lumped together.

19th We made "milk glass" ornaments where I took an ornament, used hot glue to make bumps on it (this was messy and a pain I think if I do it again I will get the little plastic nubby stickers you can get to put on cabinet door or on drawers to prevent them from slamming close and just hot gluing that on.) and then they were spray painted with a high gloss white spray paint. I also forgot to take pictures so just imagine a milk glass vase with its bumps and creamy white glass and then picture it round and hanging on a tree.

20th We attempted to make snow globes. Here is a good how to  only we tried to make out figurine inside be a snowman made out of rocks and the rocks just did not want to glue together so we made it a project for next year.

21st As in past years we have celebrated the winter solace by putting out treats for the birds and lighting candles to help the fairies find our house to show the food to the birds.

22nd Today we watched Charlie Brown's Christmas movie, I love this tradition. There is just something about it that for me captures so well the desire for the "perfect" holiday, the attempts to create meaning in chaos, the ultimate realization every year that the holiday is not ABOUT a perfect human experience its about how that is impossible and learning once again to enjoy it and be grateful for the amazing blessings we have received from Christ. Following that we watched Santa Verses the Snowmen in 3d.

23rd We read the story of Christ's birth from an illustrated children's bible. We read the Luke 2 story every Christmas morning but I wanted to engage The Kids in a format that they could more easily understand and we less liking to tune out.

24th Since we are "pretending in Santa" as The Girl likes to put it, we made snacks for Santa and his deer tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas I know we were very blessed by ours.

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