Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chuggington! Chugga chugga chugga!

We are new to the world of Chuggington. Which is (according to wikipedia) "an international computer-animated television series for children produced by Ludorum plc and broadcast in 175 territories throughout the world including the BBC children's channel CBeebies. Chuggington currently airs on the Disney Channel Disney Junior’s preschool block in the United States."
We don't watch the Disney channel or any of its sub channels usually and so had not seen this. But for Christmas The Boy received a ton of Chuggington trains and tracks and I was supposed to know who each train was and what they were doing and what was going on and I didn't. What is a Mommy, who is supposed to be able to answer any question to say?

"I don't know, but lets find out." So to Google we went and after getting a feel for the series and answering the which train is which questions we went to Youtube to watch one a few all of the episodes we could find. The Boy is quite enamored and has taken to singing the theme song to himself as he does colors, or does things around the house.

On of the things I love about this set of trains is that its easy to snap together which means he is able to create his little world with out needing the help of someone else and thus is allowing for more independent play and greater control of his games.

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