Monday, February 13, 2012

7 years!

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary. Because it is on the twelfth I decided to do 12 days of gifts, like the 12 days of Christmas only more cheese and less birds. Each little something was left for him to find with the block bot that I got him for our fifth anniversary. A word of warning, The Husband really likes puns so I included them.
 Day One
I have seen varriations on this idea on a bunch of different blogs, I think the first one I saw was from a Menu board for the kitchen, I have since seen it used for shopping lists and other things, but this was by far my favorite use of it.
Tutorial here
 Day Two
This was simple and I loved it I took his favorite peach tea and replaced the tag with a heart with a little note on it. If I had not made a little card to go with it I probably would have put that cup of tea thing on the tag.
Inspired but this 
 Day Three
Peeps! These are one of The Husband's favorites.  The Card was inspired by this cross stitch which I might still make someday but we are still trying to decide what sort of things we want to put on the walls where and how many things.
 Day Four
The theme of the gifts for year seven is copper or wool so when I saw these awesome copper colored dice I grabbed them! The Card was inspired by this one
 Day Five
Marshmallow and caramel hearts and a "Over the Moon" card. Simple and not really related but I love how the card turned out.
 Day Six
I am a coffee girl but The Husband is a chai sort of guy. This is not really special or out of the ordinary I always try to have some chai concentrate in the house, but that is because I love him and what him to have things he loves so by adding a card I hoped to highlight the fact that I get him things all the time to please him.
 Day Seven
Peanut butter hearts (Yummy!) and a Purrfect card.  
Day Eight
This was one of the bigger projects you could get it all done in one day if you have a few hours to dedicate to it but I did not. Its a pretty popular idea that I have seen floating around the internet lately. You can start with a template like this one, or go completely from scratch like I did. Either way I am sure you loved one will love it.  
Day Nine
Heart of chocolate and fire because why not.
Day Ten
I can't remember where I first saw this "mint for each other" pun used but I filed it away as something The Husband would love.
Day Eleven
Raining Love (this one came with a virtual gift in an MMO)
Day Twelve
For the "big" anniversary gift I got him this coppery steampunk themed Dragon box filled with a year of date nights.

For our anniversary dinner I made fondue which was greatly enjoyed by all. We started off with a cheese fondue and then had chocolate for dessert. Hope your day was just as awesome.

For more one how we celebrate the founding of our family you can read this post.

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