Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ahhh I am soo bad at posting!

I keep telling myself "Oh I should blog that!" and then I don't. I am sorry.

Like I totally forgot to tell you about my birthday. Which was a lot of fun.

Or about how The Boy is finally potty trained. Which I am super excited about.

Or his new big boy bed. Which he is super excited about.

Or about the Star Wars table top game we have been playing and the super cool people we met that way through the friends that invited us. Which has been very funny.

Or the My Little Ponies fandom that is growing in our household. Which is interesting but fun.

Or about the flowers that are finally coming up in my yard. which are lovely.

Or about the robin that built a nest so kindly right in front of our house. Which the kids are very excited about.

or about a ton of other things that have been going on and I just totally failed to actually type out and post. So I think I am going to try to commit to posting at least once a week like on Mondays or something. I will figure that out what day is the best for that with my schedule.

In the mean time here are some pictures:
 *So these bottom two are funnier with explanation. In the top one we are using chess pieces to represent the bad guys. Our GM was being very picky about which pieces represented which villain and they were all color coded. the leaders of each group were a different color than the pawns it lead. Also the knights represented speeders. which made me giggle a lot.  In the bottom one the displacer beast is a large truck that we all drove away in. This I also found giggle worthy.

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