Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Improvments

So we will start at the beginning (its a very good place to start). I would like to show you my carpet. It is that grayish brownish stained mess below. And as I am looking at it, it looks almost like its covered in mold... Ewwww.
 I would also like to point out that it also is a great place for dust mites to live and I am also of the belief that dust mites like to hang out with cat dander, and cat hair, and they also invite dirt and what ever pollen and things to hangout and stay quite often which while also Ewwww lead us to this:

And that is sad.. so we did this.
 Lookie! Awesome wood floor under the ugly stain keeping, allergen party hosting carpet! Woohoo!!!
 But it was living under that yucky carpet for so long that it started to look not so hot itself, just a little.
 Enter orange glow.
 Ooo ahh!! And now for the bestest part of all this awesome.


Lookie what we (The Husband and I) made! and now I don't have boxes and boxes of books living all over my house yay space again! Not to mention having built in bookshelves that bracket a fireplace has been a life long dream of mine and I am LOVING it.

So goodliness all around.


Erin said...

Wow, what a difference! I don't really understand people who put carpet over hardwood floors. I mean sure, they need to be restained every once and a while, but aesthetically it's much more pleasing.

Sydney McFearless said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Your home looks so wonderfully warm and inviting. :)