Friday, April 27, 2012

Zombie Carrot Cake

Some good friends of ours were unfortunately traveling during the weekend of The Girl's 7th birthday party. I say unfortunately in a rather selfish way as it meant they could not attend the party. I am sure they enjoyed their trip. So to make up for missing the party they had us over for dinner. We brought the pin the arm on the zombie game, enjoyed beautiful weather and really really good food.

(I learned a fabulous tip for grilling potatoes which has its origins in America's Test Kitchen. infuse olive oil with your herbs, garlic and rosemary are great, on the stove before cooking. then use just the oil on the potatoes which you should microwave some first before grilling so they are partially cooked and then add the herb solids back once its all crispy and amazing that will prevent the potatoes from burning and becoming gross. Amazing!)

But the part that I loved the best was the cake that was made for The Girl. She said she wanted a carrot cake and so this is what was made. Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting.

 I really have no idea why this one insists on uploading sideways and I am sorry about that. I tried to fix it several times and it really likes to be this way. But the poor orientation aside this this not an awesome cake! 
 Thanks So much Josh and Jen! We feel really loved!

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