Monday, May 14, 2012

Pioneer Girls

We recently ended the year for our Pioneer Girl's group. The Girl participated and I volunteered as a leader. We had a good time and I am so grateful for the chance The Girl has to engage with others her age and to learn new skills and to focus on God's role in her life and the universe.
 For the end of the year we had an awards ceremony where badges where given out for the things that each group learned.

The girls performed two songs and afterward there was an ice cream bar for the families. We had a great time. Not just at the end of the year event but also though-out the year. We went camping, and had a lock in style sleep over. The girls raised money to send Christmas gifts though Samaritan's Purse and to buy chickens and goats and a water filtration system for families in third world nations helping them get producing animals and clean water that we so often take for granted here. I am really looking forward to next year and all the thing that they will be doing and learning.

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