Monday, May 21, 2012

Planting With Hey-mama

We went over and spent a Saturday afternoon at my Mom's house helping her get some new planting beds done. 
 She and the kids laid down a weed barrier and planted hostas and impatiens and spread mulch while The Husband and I dug up and prepped the next bed. The Boy was very insistent that if we found a treasure chest while we were digging that we had to let him be the one to open it. This was a large enough concern that he came over several times to check if one had been found and to remind us that he wanted to open it. Just in case in our excitement of discovery we forgot that he asked for the privilege and opened it without him. Then we got to rest and recover from our blisters while the planting crew took over.
I think The Boy's favorite part of the whole project was the bulb planter my mom had. he loved that you could "drill it down" to get the dirt out of the hole. The Kids had a blast and we were rewarded for our work with dinner which is always a plus.


Erin said...

I can see that your husband was a HUGE help ;-)

Anonymous said...

If a solar flare every takes out the wireless network, your husband will be LOST! He never was much for yard work, unless there was money in it! -Granhappy

M. Mcgough said...

geez guys! he did a lot of work I was taking pictures when he was resting too.