Friday, June 29, 2012

Crab Feast

 To celebrate one of my step brothers' birthday we had a crab feast one Saturday. This was a first for both my step brothers and my step son. As eating crabs this way is very much a regional thing I will explain some what you need for a crab feast. The first thing you need for a crab feast is of course crabs. When a Marylander says crabs what they mean are steamed blue crabs smothered in Old Bay or Wye River seasoning. They are best if steamed with beer and a little apple cider vinegar.

While these are delicious they are also messy and can take a while to pick if you are doing it right (click here for a tutorial about How to pick them). So the other things that are needed for a crab feast is something to grill, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, something to fill in for those who are slow pickers or are too young to really pick their own crabs. You also need ripe watermelon and sweet corn (both preferable grown locally, there is little better in the summer than Eastern Shore sweet corn.)

The final thing you need for a crab feast is family and friends. Picking crabs is really no fun alone no matter how good they are.
My step son is a natural when it comes to crab picking a short lesson and he was doing great. Generally a newer picker will leave meat behind in the shells because they are not used to it and so struggle to get it all or because they did not even realize it was there in some places so a more experienced picker will check shells to point out what might have been missed. He did not miss much at all.

The Girl picked her first crab too, she has her father's knack for getting back fin and claw meat easily and is impatient with the rest so she only picked one. All and all it was a very successful crab feast.

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