Friday, June 1, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

A friend of The Husband's has been visiting the area and so we took the opportunity to get together with his family to go the zoo. It was I have to say perfect weather for it. mid to high 70's, nice breeze, sunny and not too humid (for Washington DC that is) we had a great time.

Oh of the things I learned about doing a zoo trip from a friend of mine is that the best way to do it is to pick a few things ahead of time that you really want to do rather than trying to do all of it. This makes for a much more enjoyable time as you get to see and do what you want at a relaxed pace and can better enjoy your time.

This is a philosophy I plan to take to other trips and vacations. What do we really want to get out of it and lets focus on that. because if we spend the whole trip to the Zoo watching a polar bear swim and we really have fun doing it, its a much better trip than if we saw 60 animals and left tired and cranky and frustrated.

We joined the zoo as members so we will probably be back a couple more times this year. Each time we can visit old favorites and spend time with an animal we have never seen before. I think we can really get the most out of our time that way.

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