Friday, June 22, 2012


My Step Son is visiting and for the week and a half so are my dad, step mother and two of my step brothers so we have been doing a ton of fun things. One of the first we did was take a trip to DC to visit some of the monuments and the natural history museum.

We took the train in because The Husband had to work and I am not a fan of driving in DC. Plus the Kids get a real kick out of it.

 All three! We started at the Washington Monument which is closed at the moment I think but we got pictures and we met the rest of the family there. And then walked over to the WWII memorial and from there to the Lincoln memorial on the way we met this little guy who I shall name "Chucky the overly friendly squirrel" He came right up to us and tried to visit, I am thinking he was looking for food hand outs but the kids thought it was great to see such a brave little critter.

 The whole gang, minus my stepmother who was taking the picture.
 At the Natural History Museum we got a chance to go into the live butterfly exhibit thanks to my dad getting us the extra tickets. It was really cool to be in this little butterfly garden full of all sorts of species from all around the world. The kids had a blast.

It was a really fun day, and I have loving the chance to really spend time with and get to know the young man my step son is becoming.

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