Thursday, June 7, 2012

NYC Day one: Kykuit

Kykuit is the home that the Rockefeller's had outside of the city for spring and fall. It is amazingly situated and they took full advantage of the land when building the house. I don't have any pictures of the interior because photography of the art and artifacts (of which there are many) was not permitted. So as to the interior I will say it was quite a shock to me that I loved it. Usually in touring old homes I am interested, I think its an interesting historical thing but Kykuit is different and its is so almost exclusively do to the last Rockefeller who owned it, Nelson.
He like much of his family was an art lover and collector but he has one of the best eyes for using art that I have ever seen. Every piece from Ancient Chinese work to the modern masters is places in such a way as to both make it look its best and to make it seem to naturally belong where it is. Often to have both in the same room while sharing the space with victorian, georgian, and other pieces that his family had collected over the years. Also the home itself has some of the best architecture I have every seen, classic and ornate and modern and understated all at the same time.
I highly recommend a visit.

As for the exteriors there was just as much art on the grounds as was in side the house and Nelson was just as good at placing sculptures out door sculptures as he was painting and interior art. But first the front of the house.
 The house they originally built here just did not work well for their actual lifestyle so after a few years they redid the house and when they did they had the drive extended because the architect did not think that you should approach a house that tall from as close as the drive originally put you.

There are numerous gardens and things around the house and the grounds each one with art and plantings set to look there best. It was clearly rather over cast the morning we went. Our guide kept saying how much better it would look in the sun, but in my opinion the formal gardens I have seen look there best on overcast days so I was not disappointed.

I Loved this statue it was just so odd and happy and some really quirky details. It was placed on the landing above the swimming pool that looked more like a pond or a fountain than a pool.

The tour we took also included the carriage house that had been converted to hold cars as well as carriages and horses. This building was no less stunning than the rest though in a different way there was something so Victorian industrial about it that I was just in love.

 The cars themselves were just as cool but I am personally less interested in them than the building except for the place they have as historical artifacts but I knew The Boy would love to see them so I took a bunch of pictures anyway.

 Our next stop after lunch was to see the chapel near here where the art loving Rockefellers invested in some stained glass.

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Erin said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! I am going to have to use that as inspiration for some of the old houses in my book.