Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cow Clothes Tutorial

As I am sure many of you are aware of tomorrow, July 13th 2012 is Cow Appreciation Day.

To show your appreciation for cows (and to get a free meal at chick fil a) You may wish to dress like a cow. Chick fil a has a great starter kit. But here are some fun tutorials for making the rest of your bovine apparel. And can be done with things that you might have lying around the house. 

Cow Tie Dye

You will need:
White Tshirt (or pants or whatever)
Black sharpie
Rubbing alcohol 
Straw or dropper

First you will need to draw your spots with your sharpie the more filled in and dark they are the more of an effect you will get in the end.

 Then using your straw or dropper drop the rubbing alcohol on the spots starting in the middle and working your way out.

As the alcohol is wicked into the material it takes and drags some of the dye from the marker with it spreading it out to look like a tie dye spot. The more you use the larger the area the spot will spread to. 
 Both this and the following tutorial should be heat set by running it through the dryer once they are dry to the touch. This is not as needed a step if you are not planing to reuse your cow clothes but its recommended to help prevent accidental bleeding should the clothes get wet.

Stamp Spots
You will need
A white or black shirt (or pants or whatever)
white or black acrylic paint (the opposite of your shirt color)
Acrylic fabric medium (optional particularly if you don't plan to use it regularly)
a REALLY lumpy potato.
paint brush 

Cut your potato in half such that the largest and bumpiest cow spotiest looking section is the flat part.
 Using watered down black acrylic paint stamp spots on your shirt. I found it best to paint the potato rather than dipping it in the paint it got a more even and neater coverage. Also keep that brush handy to help fill in the spots that stamp unevenly.

If you have overly enthusiastic helpers you might end up a bit spotier of a cow than you meant to be or in my case a smeary fingerprinty cow. So we will show you The Husband's shirt as it is a bit cleaner.

One of the stipulations for a full meal is that you need to attempt head to toe cowness. So we also spotted up some old warn out socks.

 Hope everyone has a great Cow Appreciation Day tomorrow!

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