Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forth of July Plan in action

So to do the paper crafts I started with plain red while and blue paper. We used potato stamping to make stars on the blue and painted stripes on the red.

On some of the white paper I painted basic swooping lines to represent fire works and then painted the kids fingers and let them stamp finger prints for the rest of the fire works. The Boy got a huge kick out of this smashing him hands on the papers shouting "Kersplode!"

I saved toilet paper tube to make the little rockets out of but I honestly could not come up with a purpose for them other than to make them and we had enough going on that a craft that is just a craft did not really seem like a good use of time. We then let everything dry and cut the stars nad stripes papers into quarters so we could string them up as a bunting style banner. The Girl managed most of this herself and it made a much longer banner than I was expecting.

The Firework prints we planned to use to make fans however we did not have any bamboo skewers like I thought we did and by the time I was able to get them we were not able to make them in time. we probably will finish it anyway but did not have them for the picnic.

To make the strawberries I did all of my chocolate melting in the micro wave. I started dipping them and then let them set up this allowed me to use the leaves as a "handle" for dipping and once they were set up I could cut the tops off and fill them. I decided to fill them with nutella as it is not only very tasty but also saved some time. Only the off brand I got was a little thin so it did not work quite as well as I was hoping but its not bad I just need to keep them chilled to help it set up.

We added cup cakes to our prep because we found a patriotic cake mix at Aldi and it was cute plus we were invited to a pool party earlier in the day and I wanted to bring some to share.

 The blue berry muffins I kinda ended up winging it with the recipe but they turned out great though I ended up making them in mini bunt pans as the cup cakes were in the muffin tins.

For our pigs in a blanket I used cheese brats and they were super tasty and I highly recommend and will probably be doing for more picnics as it was a hot dog with its bun super simple and easy.

For the chips I was not able to find red white and blue corn chips so I skipped the salsa and just brought a bag of stripes and blue vegi chips a mix of blue potato, sweet potato and beet which is naturally red and white striped.

The fruit salad turned out great but I did not remember to get any pictures of it. It was very tasty and perfect snack for the heat. I was a little disappointed that the fun layered drink did not work well for us I suspect because the drinks were too warm and thus the thickness of the sugar content was not as exaggerated. It was a really tasty mix none the less and I think I will get it a shot again we can have  all the parts refrigerated first.

We had a lot of fun getting ready and putting together a mobile party. And I can't wait to tell you more about our day. Happy Independence Day!

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