Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So Proud of The Girl

 Today we hit the pool as it was my Step Son's last day with us. While as a family we love swimming and being in the water its been really hard for me to take the kids by myself because both of them were very uncomfortable in the water.

 The Girl requiring multiple floatation devices and The Boy insisting on being held the whole time or he would not get in the water. Which can be kind of tiring to say the least.

But today The Girl decided to try life in the water without needing to be floated above it with enough buoyancy to support 3 adults plus her with no problem.

And she took to it so quickly. It was awesome to watch her go from timid to excited and so proud of herself. She kept trying new things seeing how long she could hold her breath trying to beat her last record on time under water and depth underwater. She needs to learn a lot still but right now she is actually willing to learn.

Her increase in confidence had a massive effect on The Boy he started experimenting too. He figured out he could stand on his tip toes in the shallow end, and that he could maneuver himself around the pool holding on to the side.

He was more than happy to play on the steps without needing to have a grip on me. After seeing that The Girl could go without support and not have any problems and that I was right there watching both of them for the just in case. He actually played in the pool. It was awesome to see.
 The Husband brought her home some cookies as a reward for being brave and trying new things. She was exceptionally pleased.

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