Monday, October 8, 2012

A Date with Mommy

The Husband had to work late on The Boy's birthday, which also corresponded with when The Girl had Pioneers. So we all went and we dropped her off and then I took The Boy out to a little local doughnut shop for some just us time.

This doughnut place has (or at least had as I could not eat one to verify the continued quality) some of the best doughnuts I have ever eaten.  There French Crullers are the best ever anywhere. (and if anyone wants to contest this please send a Gluten Free option my way I would be glad to play judge.) The other reason this place is such a staple is that it is really the only place open late and so is a major part of the teenage social life. So many people have fond memories of the place even if the doughnuts were not outstanding.

The Boy got a Lemon Stick which he decided after he got to the lemon filling it was not really what he wanted, he is not a fan of filled doughnuts apparently. The woman who was working noticed he seemed less than thrilled and replaced it with another doughnut of his choice for free.

And he and I got to sit and talk and it was a fun.

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