Friday, October 12, 2012

For Baby

So I have not been feeling my best which means drinking LOTS of water and keeping my feet up. On one hand I was looking forward to the rest but rest without having accomplished anything as it turns out is kind of frustrating. Its not a reward for doing well but a reminder of how little I am able to do.
So I found lots of projects to work on to keep myself busy and to feel like I am actually getting something done.

I made a My family Photobook that so that she can  look at pictures of her family members and have a better point of reference since we don't see all of our extended family as regularly as we might like do to distance.

 I have also been learning to crochet and I have finally gotten to the point where I felt comfortable enough to try some more complicated projects.

 I am not sure how well they actually turned out because I can't try them on her yet but they look cute I just hope that they fit well and hold up to actual use. I made this sweater it was actually my second project for her. The first was this little panda hat.

I added the darker purple bow to both so that they could be used together and assuming they fit I am hoping to bring her home from the hospital in them.

Speaking of the hospital I made some clothes for her to wear there. I always felt a little guilty when they unwrapped the babies to check on them or change diapers because the hospitals are kept so chilly so I made two pairs of leggings for her to wear with the t-shirt they put on her so she is less chilly.
The gray ones are probably a little too big but we will see, it is very dependent on how big she is when she is born. The other thing I made was a little pink hat. So she has something of her own to wear rather than the pink and blue striped one that they give all the babies.
This last one was more of The Girl's project, at least at first. She wanted to learn to crochet so I found a simple pattern for a baby blanket that only used the chain and single crochet stitches. She worked on it some but needed a lot of help and had a hard time maintaining interest in it probably because it was a more time consuming (though really quick for a blanket) project. So I did some work on it and did the edging. While it is far from perfect I love it particularly since it was made as a gift from The Girl for her baby sister.

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