Monday, October 1, 2012

Robot Birthday Bash

For The Boy's 4th Birthday we had a robot party. We had two activities for the party that I wanted to share with you.

The Boy wanted a pinata but I didn't really have the time to make one so we opted for a slightly different one that I think went over better for the kids and is something we might do in the future.

 First I set up the goodie bags with a few larger treats and in each bag was a little drawing of a robot. I kept these to basic shapes to make it easier to identify, triangle robot, square robot etc. We strung balloons up as decoration and some of those balloons had robots drawn on them. Those balloons had treats in them that we slipped in before blowing them up. The kids got to match there robot to the robot on the balloon and then *POP* to get the treat inside. We had some sewing pins on hand to help parents manage the popping. The Kids liked it because they each got to break things for a treat rather than hope they hit the pinata hard enough to be the one to break it and because it felt more fair to each get the same number of things rather than hopping you grab a good amount of candy from the ground. It also allowed us to have less treats and candy than is needed to make a pinata work and for a small party I think the parents appreciated being sent home with less sugar.

The other activity that we did was to build a robot treat. I made robot heads by making cookie pops with candy eyes, and blank bodies from rice crispy treats "frosted" with more candy melts. On this base we gave them candy and pretzels and  frosting to build and decorate there own robot (another reason to keep the balloons light on candy)
 If you wanted to do a healthier version you could easily use vanilla waffers and gram crackers for the head and body and substitute, fruit gummies, dried fruit, banana slices, nut butter, carrot shreds etc. for the candies and frosting.

 One of the things we made for this were what I called robot buttons and these are great little treats for whenever. Preheat over to 200 place Chocolate kiss candies (or a candy melt of your flavor or color) on a pretzel square. Put them in the oven and turn the over off. let them sit for 10 min or so, (less if you are using a candy melt just watch them and pull it out when its gets glossy.) and then place a candy (we used mint M&Ms because The Boy wanted green and blue for the party colors but mini marshmallows would be great or what ever else you want to use just nothing much harder than chocolate at room temp) on the center of the now melted chocolate. let them sit to cool and firm up.

For The Boy's Cake I did my first butter cream transfer. It turned out great! I used a store bought black frosting but I don't think it would do well if you tried to do the whole thing store bought I had to go back in and touch up the black once I got it on the cake. There is a great Tutorial for how to this at 
 The "recipe" I used for the butter cream came from a friend of mine. 1/3 shortening, 2/3 butter, enough confectioners sugar to get the right texture and sweetness. I aimed for about equal weight in sugar to fats for a good texture but play with it to see what you like.

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