Monday, October 15, 2012

Woodworking Class

Home Depot has a kids workshop the first Saturday of the month. They get to do basic building things and learn to used some tools and some basic skills. I had heard about these before but was reminded recently by a Facebook post that they existed and this month they were making wooden firetrucks. I knew The Boy would get a kick out of it and having the free hands on education for building and such was a plus for homeschooling. So we went to "Woodworking Class."

Because it was Halloween they had a fall festival thing going on to with foam pumpkins for decorating and games with prizes and the chick-fil-a cow was there I am guessing because of some sponsorship thing.

Next month they will be making turkey napkin holders which I have to admit I am kind of excited about though it might be The Husband who takes them for the November one as we will have an almost one week old.

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