Friday, November 9, 2012

Building for the baby

We  got this amazing space saving baby furniture transformer. With three bases its an infant chair, and infant swing, a high chair and a toddler chair and easily moves from one base to another with simple button locks no need to dissemble. I am in love with this. (plus the fabric is super cute).
  Fisher-Price EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System

The Boy got to help The Husband put it together and he was very excited to build something for his baby sister.
 I got it a while ago but put it in the closet until we would need it and so this morning I dragged it out to be put together. The Boy was very excited and asked to help build it.
 It was a blessedly simple build mostly a snap together and then add a few screws so he was able to do a lot of it himself with supervision.
Thanks so much big brother! I think she really like its. (Also isn't this outfit adorable? I am really fighting the urge to just post a ton of look at the cute baby in cute baby clothes pictures.)

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Happy said...

She is A-DORABLE! And I am so glad you finally took my advice and had another. ;) LOL, jk.

But you might be making ME want another and we all know that ain't happening. Boo hiss.

Enjoy that sweet baby girl!