Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hospital room as seen by The Girl

When the kids came to visit us at the hospital with my dad and stepmother The Girl grabbed the camera and started to document things. I will note that a lot of these will be a little blurry I had turned the flash off and slowed the shutter speed a little so that when we took pictures we would not disturb the baby. She did not compensate for the slower time or hold the camera still very well.

 The dolls in this picture are one part of the gift that the baby had for them. They are 18in ball jointed dolls from the BFC ink company we can make clothes for them later which should be fun. The other part of her gift to them were big brother and sister T-shirts.
I ended up having to make these, I found an image of shirts like these that I really liked but the company that sold them appears to have gone out of business so instead I got plan t-shirts and fabric paint (I used basic acrylics mixed with a fabric paint acrylic medium) and made their shirts. This allowed me to customize the face on them to look more like them which was cool. They really seem to like them and have been wearing them as an outer layer for a few days since wearing a sweater over top them would hide them and that is just not acceptable.

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