Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent I

You might remember from last year that we do a twist on the "Elf on the shelf" idea for our advent. We have a Christmas mouse that pops up in our tree the first day of December and each day he finds a new place to hide. Once found he will have a passage to read in preparation for Christmas, as well as a fun Christmas season activity to do that day. Rather than trying to do it all and blog everyday I will be doing a few posts a week covering what we have been doing.

 We made a gingerbread house. It was from a kit but that made it go much more smoothly and while I really enjoy starting from scratch and designing our own house this was much more feasible for where we are in our life and it taught me that doing something "perfect" is not as important as doing something enjoyable.
Sugar cone Christmas trees. I saw the idea for this on pinterest and I think it would be great for a gingerbread decorating party, this is something the little people could do very easily is easy to incorporate in the final houses so they feel like they are involved and does not involve extra baking. So that's a win.

 These were a really simple paper ornament craft literally 5 minutes to make and prep and the kids had a lot of fun with it because once the principle was explained they got to layer and staple and hole punch there own project from start to finish.

 Tuesday was the earliest Sunset of the year so we enjoyed our dark and remarkably warm evening with some glow in the dark bubbles. The bubble solution glowed well but the bubbles themselves did not because they are made up of such a thin layer. We were prepared for this though and brought out a small black light to enhance the glowiness.

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