Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent II

 We have baked Pebbernodder ( I will post a recipe for this soon its one of my favorate christmas cookies and the original recipe is no longer online.)

 These tree cookies are a tradition in my family. They are spritz cookies flavored mint and colored green we then decorate them with sprinkles and things to look like decorated trees before baking. I love them.

 We took the kids to see the miniature railroad display and tree lighting. Where they got balloons and cookies and hot apple cider and to see the detailed work that went to into this train set. The Boy wanted to touch everything to feel the texture of it and figure out how it worked. I was worried it would be a little too heavy handed with the tiny things but the gentlemen who built it were very pleased with his interested and encouraged him too explore it. Fortunately nothing broke.

We went to go get picutres with Santa at Bass Pro Shop again this year. I love there set up and the kids love the free to use games and toys that are set out. I wonder how many kids ask Santa for one of the cool toys they just got to play with so that Mom and Dad need to get one. But we enjoy it.

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