Friday, December 14, 2012

Cookies that will not be

Today I was going to have a post for you about the last three Christmas cookies we were making but that is not happening because the 50 something year old oven in our kitchen decided it was not going to live to see this Christmas.

It only had one of the bottom burners working for a while, and then I noticed that the broiler coil seemed to not really be working either, and finally that last coil gave up the ghost. So the Husband pulled it out to take a look at it and found that the wires had melted and the insulation deteriorated and we had some lovely burn marks.

The breaker has been turned off to prevent me from trying to turn on the oven in a sleep deprived moment and burning our house down.

Soo here are some cute kid pictures to make up for it.

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The Binnies said...

Our washing machine expired at this time last year...I put a big red bow on our new one since it became our "big" "present" to each other. On the plus side, you will get a new functioning one, and your kids are very, very cute indeed! P.S. very wise to make it impossible to inadvertently turn the old one on : )