Friday, January 4, 2013

Glow in the Dark Bath

So my children have this some what annoying habit of looking over my sholder when I am on the computer. This habit is made even more annoying when they then try to either a direct what I am doing. "Can we watch My Little Ponies NOW?" or beg for things, "Whats that? That looks really cool is that a camouflage cup cake can we make those now?" We are working on this.

One of the things that was seen was that is it possible to have a glow in the dark bath. With very little effort I learned.

You will need two things.
  •  A highlighter. (a dried out one will work nicely thats what I used.)
  • A Black light
Step one take apart your highlighter so you have the inner sponge out of the pen case.
Step two run a bath and hold the sponge under the running water until all the ink has been wash out.
Step three turn out the regular light and turn on the black light.
Step four enjoy.
 And this is why my husband insists that having a black light on hand is just proper preparedness. It also made our glow in the dark bubbles work a little better.

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