Friday, April 5, 2013

A Walk in the Snlush

So that rain we were expecting when we went to go see the cherry blossoms? It froze when it was coming down later that night and all the next day. Giving us a last blast of winter before it starts to warm up.
But the ground was not quite ready to be wintery and so while it did start to gather its slowly melted with new layers of snow on top of it reducing our over all accumulation and making the ground covered in more of a Snlush. (Thats a snow-slush)
As it was a bit too wet and muddy to really play in we decided to take a walk to get out and enjoy it some without having the kids cover themselves in icy mud trying to make a snowman. (they did that anyway but it was an attempted)
The Baby was not really a fan of walking in snowy drizzly weather despite being well bundled by the end of it she was looking pretty miserable.
Her big sister on the other hand. Loved it.

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