Monday, April 1, 2013

Cherry Trees

For her birthday The Girl asked if we could go to Washington DC to view the cherry blossoms. This is something we have done a few times in the past and she really enjoyed it. We watched the weather for the week and made plans to meet up with a friend of ours and my mother for a picnic it looked like it was going to be cool but not too chilly, over cast with a small chance of rain getting more likly as the day went on.

 And it started out that way, but as the day went on the light rain they were predicting did not come. and the temperature continued to drop. So we sat down for our lunch and by the time we were done the jackets I had for the cool but not too chilly day were not cutting it.
 (The Boy was super excited when he saw this jacket in the store. "Look Mommy! Its just like Minecraft!" )

 So we went to the American Indian Museum some to warm up and explore. The kids really loved the interactive exhibits they had, and I got to check "alligator" off my things to eat bucket list. The last time I was at this museum I got turtle, and elk off that list too they have some great food.

Following the museum visit we had a chilly walk back to our car and the next morning that rain we were expecting looked like this.

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