Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is one of my favorate times of the year and it is one of the reasons I look forward to spring. I enjoy all the of trappings of it, dyeing eggs, hiding and hunting for treats, new pretty dresses. I love the flowers and the taste of warm weather we (usually) get around it.
But what I love most is the time to sit and remember the absolute and total Goodness of God and the amazing way He worked to bring us back to the place we were intended to be from the get go. His Grace is what makes the message of the cross so incredibly different from every other religious or spiritual beliefs out there. 
I could not get all three to actually look at the camera and look happy at the same time. So there is my best picture of their Easter clothes.

After Church we drove up to PA to spend some time with The Husband's family. We had a really good time. Well almost all of us did. I am not sure if I planed the schedule poorly (probably) or if it was just a fluke (probably) or is there was some sibling intervention (defiantly) but the poor baby did not get a single nap in all day. I expected that she would sleep at church and in the car on the way up as those fell during her usual morning nap time but she didn't. I figured then that she would fall asleep after I fed her before lunch. She didn't. So I thought she might sleep on the way to dinner, she did but only for a little while. So by the time we got home at 8:30 she was one worn out little girl.

 But all in all we had a fun time, the big kids had a good visit and a fun if drizzly egg hunt and I have learned that I need to make a carseat cover to protect the baby from her siblings attention and to never assume she will sleep in her carrier so to always bring her portable crib for future trips.

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