Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doctor McCoy

For a while now we have been looking at getting a dog. We bought good quality supplies when they were on sale. We have been reading different ideas for training dogs, we have researched breeds, watched our kids closely as they interacted with other's dogs. The Husband knew he liked Schnauzer's they were the dogs he grew up with. The Boy fell in love with El Dood a, I think, labradoodle. So we were looking for a schnauzer or a schnoodle, black (because I liked that coloring) male (because that was The Husband's preference) at a price that was affordable. Ideally a rescue puppy, or if not from a responsible breeder. Last week we found him, he was a little of both. He was the last of his litter, because he was so large. He was much older than puppies are normally when sold and so had been severely discounted because the breeder was just trying to find him a home.

We had been debating names for a while now we wanted something geeky because we are. We had considered Vader but as he favors the poodle side and not the schnauzer so it didn't seem to fit. We talked about K-9 from Doctor Who, but if you didn't get the reference and it was admittedly a slightly obscure one, then it was a really lame name. Well we thought what about Doctor, but Doctor Who? Just The Doctor? Doctor Watson from Sherlock Holmes? Then The Husband suggested McCoy, who was after all called Bones.

We did not tell the kids right away but after we arrange a date to pick him up from the breeder we told the kids they needed to do an extra good clean up because someone was coming to stay with us. The Girl was convinced it was one of her grandparents but The Boy thought it might be one of our friends. Then Yesterday afternoon after we had finished school for the day I gave them a box that was filled with all the supplies we had been gathering, collar and leash, toys, training tools, food and water bowls etc. with a letter from Doctor McCoy explaining who he was and that he was coming to be part of our family. It explained in some detail what it takes to be good dog owners and the sort of work they would need to do with us to make sure he was happy and healthy and safe. They helped me set up his crate and make rope toys for him from an old t-shirt and got ready to go get him and bring him home after The Husband got home from work.

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