Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was a busy one at the end of a busy week. On Saturday we had my youngest brother and his girlfriend over for dinner and then The Husband fixed her laptop for her before school started while they took the older two kids to Chick-fil-a to use the indoor play place. We even had enough time to slip out with just the baby and puppy for some coffee and cake at a coffee shop which was nice.

Sunday after church we went to The Husband's mom's house where we visited and got caught up. The Kids really enjoyed playing in her huge back yard. The Girl collected a large number of pine cones to make a wreath with, went fairy hunting (apparently the puppy is a fairy hunting dog), lead an expedition to find treasure, developed advanced stick weaponry to use in the war against the super silent ninjas, and dragged her uncle along on all of her adventures.

The Boy played with a large collection of trucks that were hand me down toys when The Husband was little and wondered in and out of The Girl's games as he felt like it.
The Baby exercised her new found crawling abilities by attempting to get to and then taste every leaf that came into her view, until she finally wore herself out enough to take a nap in her car seat.

On Monday we went up to PA to visit with The Husband's grandmother some. We went to the play ground and colored pictures. Got to chat with her and her husband without the distractions that larger family gatherings add.
All in all a very fun weekend.

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